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Let no dental trouble hinder your happiness. We invite you to take part in our online survey and discover if dental implants are the pathway to your sparkling smile. It’s your moment to advance towards better dental well-being!

Seeking an Instant Remedy for Lost Teeth, Wishing to Savour Your Favourite Foods Again and Rediscover Your Dazzling Smile?

We are here to help! Hear the motivating tales of our satisfied clients who’ve witnessed extraordinary dental renewals with us. Their battles with diverse dental concerns made routine actions such as smiling, conversing, or savouring a delicious meal difficult.

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Rejuvenation of (Patient Name 1) with Implant-Supported Dentures

Before and after images

Key Issues:

The patient suffered from loss of all lower teeth, greatly impacting their ability to eat and causing them to hide their smile.

Treatment Strategy:

Implant-Supported Dentures

Procedure Timeline:

4 appointments


Post-treatment, the patient regained a natural-looking, functional smile, enabling them to eat comfortably and smile confidently.

Enhancement of (Patient Name 2) with Single Implant Crown

Before and after images

Key Issues:

The patient had a single tooth missing in the visible part of the mouth, affecting their smile and biting ability.

Treatment Strategy:

Single Implant Crown

Procedure Timeline:

3 appointments


Following the procedure, the patient’s smile aesthetics were restored, and they regained their bite function.

Refinement of (Patient Name 3) with Implant-Supported Bridge

Before and after images

Key Issues:

The patient had multiple adjoining missing teeth in the upper jaw, causing problems in chewing and affecting their appearance.

Treatment Strategy:

Implant-Supported Bridge

Procedure Timeline:

3 to 4 appointments


After receiving the implant-supported bridge, the patient’s ability to chew improved, and they had a renewed, pleasing smile.

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Why Should You Opt for Dental Implants?

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The first reason to select a dental implant is its capacity to act as an artificial tooth. Unlike other solutions, they provide the closest resemblance to natural teeth. Following dental implant surgery, you can expect a significant improvement in oral function and aesthetics.

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Secondly, dental implant treatment is a highly successful one, boasting a high rate of effectiveness. Dental implants Melbourne also prove to be a long-term solution, potentially lasting for many years with proper care and regular dental check-ups.

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Finally, dental implants contribute positively to dental health by preventing bone loss that often occurs with missing teeth. They stimulate the jawbone, maintaining its health and integrity and preventing facial sagging.

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Dental Implants: A Dependable Solution for Bone Erosion, Facial Lines, and Premature Ageing Symptoms

Continuous tooth loss can lead to jawbone shrinkage, a concern that can be intensified by the constant strain of dentures.

Smartly placed dental implants can integrate with the bone, halting further decay and defending against future harm.

Are You Prepared for an Astounding Transformation?

Begin by taking our quick online test to determine the suitability of dental implants Melbourne, and select the prime implant plan designed solely for you!

Discover a Spectrum of Dental Implant Possibilities

At our Melbourne establishment, we employ advanced dental implant methods and technology to create a smile that’s not only stunning but fully operational as well.

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Missing multiple teeth?

Contemplate implant-supported overdentures, an affordable alternative to conventional dentures. These overdentures:

  • Are supported by 2-4 implants
  • Help in averting bone erosion
  • Boost your biting and chewing capacity significantly
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    In search of a comprehensive solution to replace a full set of teeth?

    Our superior dental service provides a complete, fixed arch implant intended to deliver the smile you've always dreamed of. These dental implants:

  • Resist chips and stains
  • Offer a permanent solution (no removal required)
  • Need 4-6 implants per arch

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    Missing a single tooth?

    A single dental implant crown could be the perfect remedy. It will:

  • Appear and perform like a real tooth
  • Reestablish your usual eating capacity
  • Maintain your jawbone health
  • Provide a cost-effective long-term solution

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    Missing a few teeth?

    A multiple-implant bridge is a fantastic solution for noticeable gaps in your smile. These dental bridges:

  • Display remarkable robustness
  • Provide a durable solution
  • Assist in preserving your bone health
  • Serve as a dependable replacement for natural teeth

  • How Does the Dental Implant Procedure Work?

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    Initial Visit & Consultation

    Your journey with us starts with an initial visit and thorough consultation. This includes comprehensive X-rays and CT scans to assess bone density and jaw bone health.

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    Treatment Plan

    Based on the consultation, we design a bespoke treatment plan. Depending on the health of their jawbones, some patients might require bone grafting before the dental implant procedures.

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    Achieving Your Smile

    After the implants are placed by our skilled implant dentist, a period of healing is necessary. Once healed, your customised replacement tooth is secured to the implant, finalising the process.

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    Who Are We?

    Our esteemed dental centre in Melbourne is renowned for its comprehensive range of dental services, encompassing dental implants. Our unwavering commitment is to provide exceptional care that not only improves our patients' oral health but also enhances their overall well-being.

    We are a trusted name in implant dentistry, committed to helping our patients replace missing teeth with high-quality dental implants. Our team takes pride in offering personalised solutions tailored to individual needs and circumstances.

    We strive to make dental implants Melbourne cost-effective and accessible so that every patient can benefit from this transformative procedure.

    We believe in holistic patient care, where every aspect of oral health is considered, enhancing the longevity and success of our dental implant procedures.

    Limitless Grins at Our Clinic

    Each grin narrates a distinct tale. At our Melbourne dental clinic, we tailor every smile to perfectly align with your individual facial characteristics.

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    dentist and patient
    dentist and patient

    Flexible Payment Arrangements for Your Comfort

    We offer zero-interest payment schemes designed to accommodate your financial needs. Break down financial hurdles and achieve your dream smile without any delay. We are dedicated to ensuring a pleasant experience for you!

    Use your Superannuation funds to invest in your radiant smile.

    Take advantage of our 0% Interest-Free payment schemes!

    Pick from flexible payment durations ranging from 3 to 24 months.

    Immediate discounts are available from various private health insurance providers.

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    Meet Our Skilled Team of Dentists

    Our team consists of highly skilled dentists known for their proficiency in modern dentistry, particularly in Dental Implants Melbourne. Their expertise ranges across general and specialized dental fields, including dental implants. Their commitment to their craft makes them stand out in their field. Together, they offer a seamless experience, making every patient’s journey towards a healthier smile a pleasant and successful one. They are passionate about transforming smiles and improving the oral health of our patients.

    Dental Implants


    Bid farewell to unending dental visits!

    Dental implants facilitate lasting change. Visualise:

    Radiating Confidence with Each Grin

    Relishing Your Preferred Foods Once More

    Saying Farewell to Discomfort and Aches

    Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


    It’s essential to understand your insurance policy’s inclusions and limitations when considering dental implants Melbourne. While every insurance policy differs, certain policies might provide partial or even complete coverage for dental implant procedures. The extent of this coverage often depends on the specific insurance plan, the reason for tooth loss, and the necessity of the procedure for overall oral health. It is highly suggested to contact your insurance provider directly to discuss whether your insurance will cover dental implants.

    In understanding dental implants, it’s important to be aware of the different types available. These fall broadly into two categories: endosteal implants and subperiosteal implants.

    Endosteal Implants

    Endosteal implants, commonly crafted from titanium and resembling small screws, stand as the most prevalent form of dental implants. These implants are directly implanted into the jawbone, creating a robust foundation for artificial teeth. With a high success rate and exceptional stability, they deliver a seamless experience closely mimicking the functionality of natural teeth.

    Each endosteal implant can hold one or multiple artificial teeth, depending on the patient’s needs. Single dental implants are used to replace individual missing teeth. Each implant is topped with a custom-made crown, creating a complete tooth replacement. If multiple adjacent teeth need to be replaced, an implant-supported bridge may be the solution. Here, one or two implants serve as support for a bridge of several artificial teeth.

    For patients missing all their teeth on a given arch, there are options such as implant-supported dentures or All-on-4 dental implants. Implant-supported dentures connect a full denture to multiple implants for increased stability. Opting for the All-on-4 technique involves strategically placing only four tooth implants to support an entire arch of prosthetic teeth. This innovative approach revolutionises dental implant procedures, offering a convenient and efficient solution.

     These solutions offer greater security than traditional dentures and can significantly improve a patient’s quality of life.

    Subperiosteal Implants

    Subperiosteal implants are less common but provide an alternative for patients who lack sufficient healthy jawbone and are unable or unwilling to undergo a bone augmentation procedure to rebuild it. Subperiosteal implants utilise a metal frame that is fitted beneath the gum tissue onto the jawbone. As the gums heal, the frame securely attaches to the jawbone. Protruding posts on the frame serve as anchors for mounting artificial teeth, providing a reliable and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

    Choosing the Right Type of Dental Implant

    Choosing the right type of dental implant depends on various factors, including a patient’s oral health, bone density, specific requirements, and budget. Expert dental consultation is crucial in determining the most suitable dental implant solution for each individual.

    When carried out by experienced professionals, dental implant procedures have a high success rate and provide a solution that is close to having a natural tooth. They help maintain facial structure, prevent bone loss in the jaw, and offer a secure, permanent option for tooth replacement.

    Although the process of receiving teeth implants can be lengthy, the results are long-lasting and offer a considerable improvement in quality of life. They restore not just the functionality of a natural tooth but also contribute to improved oral health, aesthetic appearance and self-confidence.

    In conclusion, dental implants, whether endosteal or subperiosteal, offer versatile and reliable solutions to various dental challenges. Understanding the different types of implants is the initial step in making an informed decision about your oral health and selecting the option that will best restore the look and feel of a natural tooth. Your dental professional will provide further advice and guidance, assisting you on your journey to a renewed, radiant smile.

    For the implants to last, it’s crucial that you take proper care of them. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your dental implants.

    1. Regular Brushing

    Just like natural teeth, dental implants require regular brushing. It helps remove plaque build-up and keeps your oral cavity clean. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently clean the surfaces of your implants at least twice a day.

    1. Flossing

    Make flossing a part of your daily oral hygiene routine. It helps to remove any food particles lodged between your dental implants, which can potentially lead to gum disease if not addressed.

    1. Use of Interdental Brushes

    Interdental brushes can clean those difficult-to-reach areas around your implants. They can reach between the implant and the adjoining teeth, ensuring a more thorough cleaning process.

    1. Regular Dental Check-ups

    Regular dental check-ups are essential in maintaining your dental implants. The dentist can assess the condition of your implants and address any issues early on, thereby preventing potential complications.

    1. Balanced Diet

    A balanced diet contributes to overall oral health. Consuming calcium- and vitamin D-rich foods can help maintain the health of the bones supporting your implants.

    1. Avoid Hard and Sticky Foods

    Hard and sticky foods can damage both natural teeth and dental implants. To prolong the life of your implants, avoid consuming these types of foods.

    1. Quit Smoking

    Smoking can affect the healing process post-implant surgery and also increase the risk of implant failure. If you’re a smoker, consider quitting to protect your oral health.

    1. Limit Alcohol Intake

    Excessive alcohol can hinder the healing process and negatively affect your oral health. It’s advisable to limit your alcohol intake, especially after implant surgery.

    1. Proper Hydration

    Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining good oral health. Drinking plenty of water promotes saliva production, which naturally washes away food particles and bacteria, reducing the risk of oral infections.

    1. Oral Irrigation

    Oral irrigation, or using a water flosser, can be beneficial in maintaining dental implants. It can effectively remove plaque and food particles from challenging-to-reach areas that traditional brushing and flossing may struggle to access.

    1. Use of Non-abrasive Toothpaste

    Abrasive toothpaste can potentially scratch the surface of your dental implants, leading to damage over time. Choose a non-abrasive toothpaste that’s safe for dental implants.

    Many individuals considering dental implants Melbourne may have concerns about potential pain. It’s important to understand that during the dental implant procedure, your comfort is a top priority. Typically, local anaesthesia is used, which makes the procedure relatively stress-free.

    However, it is normal to have some swelling in the days following the procedure. This is simply your body’s natural response to the surgery and is usually manageable with over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatories, along with a prescribed course of antibiotics to prevent infection.

    Long-term, dental implants shouldn’t cause discomfort. Once healed, they become a part of your mouth, functioning like your natural teeth. Any continuous pain after the healing period may indicate a problem and should be informed to your dentist promptly.